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In the Headlights with Andy Neale

Pall-Ex Group shareholder member, Wynwood Logistics is a Leicestershire-based haulier offering cost-effective and reliable logistics and distribution services. The longest-serving driver at the company, Andy Neale, has been with Wynwood Logistics since the business was founded over 5 years ago. Andy shares his story about working in the logistics industry along with the benefits and challenges of the sector. 

Whilst being at Wynwood, I have gained the experience and confidence to become a better driver, improved my skill set and overall knowledge of the industry.  


No two days as a driver are ever the same, the industry can change at any time which makes it unpredictable and can create unplanned disruptions. For example, unforeseen traffic, extra deliveries or collections and disruptions can all change a working day, but also means that my schedule stays varied and makes every day different, which I find refreshing and energising. 


Being a driver at Wynwood Logistics is like working with family and it’s one of the parts I enjoy most about my job. There is a great team here at the depot and because I’ve been here since the beginning, it feels like we have all grown together. Additionally, I enjoy visiting our regular customers as over the years I have built great relationships with them. 


One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my career has been the process of moving from paper-based transport notes to using new technology and apps instead as the sector evolves, such as Pall-Ex Group’s IT system, Nexus. Whilst this has taken a lot of getting used to, the benefits far outweigh the struggles, as the transport processes are more streamlined and efficient compared to older methods. 


Another difficulty I faced initially in my role was learning how a pallet network operates and understanding the hub-and-spoke model. It’s a very different process compared to previous delivery systems I have worked under, but the more I understood the system the more benefits I could see from it.  


The transport industry is very underappreciated, as many don’t see the hard work that goes into keeping the country moving. Without our distribution efforts, many industries would come to a standstill and I’m very proud to be a part of a company like Wynwood Logistics.  


Jamie Baptie, Managing Director of Wynwood Logistics, comments: “It is great to be able to celebrate Andy, as he plays a key part in the success of Wynwood Logistics every day with his positive attitude and consistent hard work. It is important to recognise those that help to keep the country moving and Andy is a fantastic example. Thank you Andy for all of your commitment and dedication!”


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