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Featured Driver of the Month - Dave Blench

Nightforce is a new BBC One programme following the invisible army that works through the night to keep Britain running. One of the unsung heroes featured in April 2020 was Dave Blench, a Night Trunk Driver who has worked for Pall-Ex’s shareholder member, D Moody Haulage Ltd (Moody’s) for over twenty-five years.

So what attracted Dave to the profession and what does he enjoy about being a night driver?

"After eight years in the 2nd Battalion the Light Infantry, I wanted a career which involved working outdoors. I loved driving and got my Class 1 license in 1990."

Dave, of Stakeford, near Morpeth, has driven the same 374-mile round trip between Northumberland and the Pall-Ex depot in Leicestershire each night for the past 25 years.

The night Trunk Driver is a pivotal role for every Pall-Ex member. They are responsible for bringing all the collected freight down to the Pall-Ex hub for consolidation and then pick-up all the delivery freight, destined for businesses and homes around Newcastle upon Tyne.

So what’s an average night for Dave?

"I get to Moody’s at 18:00, and go to my IVECO Stalis 480 and start my checks. Freight is loaded and at 19:00 I start my journey to the Pall-Ex hub which usually takes over four hours.

"When I arrive, I go to the gatehouse and sign-in and the freight gets offloaded. This is when I take my break and wait until the freight destined for Moody’s is loaded and secure.

"Once complete, I check the vehicle and proceed back to Moody’s ready to offload the freight onto smaller delivery vehicles.

"I usually get home at 07:00."

What do you like doing outside of work?

"I love spending time with my family and friends. We have a home-cinema so watching movies and relaxing with them is one of my favourite things to do."

When you meet people, what’s is the most common thing they ask about your job?

"Where do I go and what do I see on my journey. I cover over 90,000 miles in a year so people are often surprised the amount I travel and the hours that I work."

Nightforce is available to watch via BBC’s iPlayer:

For more information about Moody’s please visit:


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