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Featured Driver of the Month - James Goss

The team at Pall-Ex shareholder member Aylesbury Logistics are always hearing such positive reports about their driver, James Goss.

Always going above and beyond for the customers he meets on a daily basis, he has been commended for his great attitude and work.

Here at Pall-Ex, we wanted to find out what drives James to deliver the best possible level of service every day, so we spoke to him to discover more.

Aylesbury Logistics driver James Goss stands with his delivery vehicle
James with his Aylesbury Logistics vehicle

So, James, tell us about yourself. What is it you do and how long have you been with Aylesbury Logistics?

"I work as a driver here at Aylesbury Logistics. I joined the team in April 2018 so this is my third year with the company now and I’m still loving every day!"

What makes you enjoy every day so much?

"Everyday is different and I never know what to expect with each delivery!

I love meeting different people while making my deliveries and building great working relationships with the more regular customers. It’s like a very extended family really!

Being out and about on the road is another perk of the job that makes it so enjoyable. It can be very relaxing and is much better than an office job, in my opinion at least."

What does the average day look like for you with Aylesbury Logistics?

"I get loaded up first thing in the morning at the yard, normally at about 7 AM. Then I head out to make my deliveries and collections around our area. I’m lucky that we cover a part of the UK that has some beautiful spots, so driving around it is always a pleasure.

After I have made all the deliveries and collections that I need to, I head back to the yard to unload and prepare for my second run of the day. I will often make three or more runs in a day, depending on how busy we are."

Are there any days that you don’t enjoy as much?

"The only thing that really makes a day less enjoyable for me is when it is raining. Shifting pallets in the rain is hard work and then you struggle to get dry for the rest of the day. It is just one of those things though and overall, I wouldn’t change a thing about my job."

You clearly have a passion for what you do. How did you get into the logistics business?

"My family have been involved with logistics for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been around people who live and breath the industry, so it was a natural step to head into the sector when the time came to choose a career. I suppose it wasn’t even a choice because logistics is in my blood."

Finally, what would you say is the most interesting aspect of your job, delivering pallets?

"I think the thing that would surprise most people is the range of things that get moved on a pallet.

We have had car gear boxes, fridges, aggregates and even beer destined for festivals. That’s one of the great things about pallets. They are so diverse in what they can transport it means there is never a dull day!"

For more information about Aylesbury Logistics, visit:


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