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Featured Driver of the Month - John Davis

After 43 years of driving lorries, John Davis still gets a thrill from driving, delivering and meeting customers.

As he looks towards retirement, “The Spen Valley Star” as he is known at Pall-Ex shareholder member A.D.D. Express, has spoken to us about why he enjoys what he does and why he chose a life in logistics.

How did you get into the industry all those years ago?

"I started out with a three-year apprenticeship as a machine tool fitter and I have just progressed from there really.

I didn’t want a job that was indoors and logistics was a great option that was full of opportunities."

You mentioned you didn’t want a job inside, what made you choose logistics as a career?

"I didn’t want to be stuck inside every day so logistics gave me the opportunity to be out and about and exploring the world.

It also helps that I liked lorries and trains too when I was young. Logistics was an opportunity to work with these on a daily basis and get really up-close with the kit.

I’m very happy I chose logistics because I know I wouldn’t have been satisfied doing anything else!

Since then I have driven for some big companies, like Transport Development Group (TDG) and Bibby Distribution, and I have been with Dave and the team at A.D.D. for three and a half years now and loved every minute."

What do you enjoy most about your role at A.D.D Express and in general?

"It’s great to get out and about and see customers. Meeting new and old customers makes the daily routine very rewarding.

Being in the great outdoors is important to me and thankfully in my role, most of my time is spent on the road with the radio on. I think it is a much better way of life than being stuck in an office all day!

The team at A.D.D. are amazing too. They are a great laugh and always make the days fly by! We all work hard and know what it takes to get the job done, but we do it with a smile on our faces and that not only keeps all the staff happy, but helps our customers stay happy too!"

Are there any downsides or things you would change about your job?

"Not really. I’m very lucky that I do love what I do.

The only thing that can get annoying sometimes is when I have to get oversized pallets onto the tail-lift. They can be very awkward and take some manoeuvring, but it is all part of the job at the end of the day."

Has anything surprised you over the years whilst working in the industry?

"There isn’t much that surprises me nowadays as I think I have seen almost everything!

The thing that did get me when I first started out, and that does surprise customers and members of the public, is the variety of goods that can be moved in the back of a lorry.

You name it and the chances are it can be and is being transported by road somewhere in the world right now."

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