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Featured Driver of the Month - Simon Briggs

As he approaches five years with Pall-Ex member Cranleigh Distribution Services, Simon Briggs has been recognised for his hard work and positive attitude.

As a driver with the Surrey based logistics company, he is responsible for making deliveries and collections in and around the Guildford area daily.

To find out why Simon was recognised, we spoke to him about his role and why he loves his career in logistics.

Have you always wanted a career in logistics?

“For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be around trucks and haulage.

“From an early age I was really interested in these massive trucks that I’d see on the road and driving them was something I knew I wanted to do early on.

“I’m nearly five years into my time with Cranleigh and I’ve loved every minute so far.”

You have had some really great feedback about your work, why do you think that is?

“Driving on the open road in a quality Volvo truck and being able to see a variety of people is always nice, especially when the weather is good.

“This means I really enjoy my job and I think that probably translates to the customers I meet every day while making collections and deliveries.

“I’m glad that the job I do can make a customer’s day better and that I can leave a delivery point knowing I have helped someone.”

What does a normal day look like for you?

“I usually arrive at Cranleigh at 06:30 and organise my paperwork out for my run, first of all.

“I use this to plan my route and get everything ready to head out. Once I have done this, I head into the warehouse and pick, label and scan the freight myself, before loading it onto my vehicle.

“Something a lot of people may not realise is that we have to carry out checks on the truck and trailer each day before we head out, so this is done before I leave the yard to make my deliveries.”

When you aren’t working, what do you enjoy doing?

“I love travelling around the UK when I have time off and it allows me to enjoy one of my passions which is photographing transport, construction and agricultural subjects.

“My photos have been published in lots of different books and trade magazines over the years and during that time, I have also built up a big collection of transport, construction and agricultural equipment.

“I’m lucky that I can combine two of my passions with what I do for work, as I don’t think many other industries would enable me to do that.”

How does it feel to work for Cranleigh and be part of Pall-Ex?

“It’s great working with everyone at Cranleigh as they are a great bunch of people who all pull together to get the job done.

“Our volumes are increasing, and we are seeing demand for our services grow so that is a real positive considering the difficulties a lot of businesses have seen over the last 12 months.”

Finally, do you have any advice for someone just entering the industry?

“I would really recommend joining the logistics industry to anyone.

“The freedom being out on the road gives you, the team spirit and the satisfaction you get from doing a good job is incredible!”


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